Baledweyn Online is an indepedent and non-profit Somalia website which provides news, feathures and informations to Somalia intellectual communtity in oversea and at home.

Baledweyn Online provides news and making events as they happen, an unbiased analysis of current issues, iditorials and inteviews with prominents intellectuals, politicians and experts.

Baledweyn Online takes great pride in being honest and reliable source of news and informations at those interested in news and informations covering Somalia and the World in general.

Baledweyn Online was established by group of Somali journalists in Europe, Africa and America.

The website will also provide an interesting selection of Somali songs , videos and films and images from home.

Baledweyn Online has correspondents in every the 18 Somali provinces and at least every continent around the World.


Baledweyn Online is dedicated to take every step that makes possible lasting peace and democracy back into Somalia and discourages human rights abuses in the country and ensure this we will.

Even it ecourages reconciliation among the society and widely involvement of civil society in to country's leadership.

Baledweyn Online strives to propagate and publicize the mutual acceptable principles and ideas based on democratic manner, and encourage all Somalis to play constructive role in creating long lasting peace in the country democratic system of government in Somalia by promoting, encouraging democratic principals and the strict observance of human rights in Somalia .

Baledweyn Online focuses on programs and projects that could enhance Civil capabilities in building peace and to this end it paves the way for a better future and understanding grounds by promoting freedom, humanity, impartiality, integrity as well as ethics.

Future Planes

Our future plans include establishing Radio and TV stations in the country.

Baledweyn Online has a brilliant website,http://www.baledweyn.com

Baledweyn Online

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